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Trusted After Sales Service

TASS | Trusted After Sales Support

It is one thing to acquire a prime building lot in Nova Scotia, but quite another thing to have local expertise and support by your side when building your dream home.

After our customers purchase their property with guaranteed title and survey lines, the fun part follows with the construction of a cottage or home.

To maintain the fun factor during the full length of your building project, we happily support you with our 25+ years experience in working with local contractors and approval boards.

Property Preparation and Financing

After the property has been transferred, we recommend opening an account with a local bank to conveniently make payments for any work that you may start on the property, such as driveways, tree cutting, preparing for a building site etc.

Which financial institution is best suited for your needs including financing?

Site Preparation

Before construction starts, you will need to determine with an environmental engineer the exact locations of your home, well (dug or drilled?), septic system, and access road for a building permit to be issued. Important factors to consider are the distances kept between the septic field in relation to the well, house, road etc. Once the exact site for the house is determined, the locations of all necessary infrastructure will be drawn by an environmental engineer into a site plan. These plans will be submitted to regulatory bodies along with construction plans for approval and permitting.

Which environmental engineer should I choose? Who can provide a miniexcavator for required soil testing? Who can install an underground power line?

House Planning and Construction Work

Construction plans may be available online, can be obtained from an architect, or from the company building your home. Once you’re satisfied with the plans, you can expect the building permit within 4-6 weeks!

Now your plans are ready to come to life!

  • Access road
  • Clearing
  • Well and Septic
  • Construction site preparation / Home building insurance
  • Building site electricity
  • Excavation
  • Foundation / basement / concrete slab
  • House construction
  • Solar system
  • Fireplace / stove
  • Inspections / Occupancy Permit

Which contractors and service providers should I hire? What about quality assurance of the work? Who arranges for the power connection? Who oversees the building site? What’s the best insurance?

Completion Plus

Now it’s your time to shine with finishing touches. This will tie the overall look and feel together by personalizing your new home for long lasting enjoyment.

Where can I buy furnishings and fixtures? Who is best for interior design? Who do I hire for landscaping?

  • Home insurance
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Sauna / hot tub
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Furniture, furnishings
  • Blinds, curtains
  • Interior / exterior lighting
  • Housekeeping

With our strong network of professional companies, contractors, and craftsmen, along with our 25+ years experience, we provide valuable support to realize your building project hassle-free.

Feel free to contact us.

As your local partner we want to emphasize: "We do not receive any commissions, or hidden kickbacks as we offer our services in a step-by-step model at a fair and transparent price!"

--- Steffen Mangold, Managing Partner ---